Self-Serve Tap Wall

Pouring a Beer.PNG

Quarters Bar+Arcade has a state of the art, self-serve system where you can choose your own alcoholic beverages to pour yourself. We offer 20 rotating taps of beer, wine, hard cider, and either a custom cocktail or hard seltzer. *Non-alcoholic beverages are available for purchase at the register.

This system works with RFID technology. When you check in and show a valid ID (21+) and set up a tab, you will be given an RFID wristband (or Touchless Tap Key) to activate the tap wall. **Only guests 21+ are allowed to have or use the wristbands or tap keys. Minors are not allowed to have the RFIDs in their possession at any time...even if it is to turn on the arcades!**

The wristband is simply held up to the Quarters logo, under the tablet of the beverage you have selected, the light will turn green, then the tap is activated and ready to be opened and begin pouring. This system allows you to decide how much or how little of each beverage that you would like to only pay for what you pour. 

The wristbands/touchless tap keys are also used to activate any of the arcades that we have...unless you want to play with quarters. When you activate the game, a credit is applied to the machine and the cost is added to your tab. **Once again, minors are not allowed to use the RFID devices to turn on games. An adult 21+ can activate the game for a minor, or they (the minors) can play the games with quarters.**

When you are finished, simply checkout and return your RFID device.